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Flow-Viz Information Material


Flow-Viz AB will develop and market the RheoFlow/Flow-Viz system, a new ultrasound based in-line fluid characterization system, developed especially for opaque, non-Newtonian industrial fluids and suspensions. Measurements are made non-invasively through process pipes, even through high grade stainless steel pipes. The instrument delivers real-time data such as instantaneous velocity profiles and rheology of complex industrial fluids and suspensions thus for enhanced process monitoring and quality control. Below you will find technical information about the Flow-Viz system and methodology.


Flow-Viz - Concept Video


This video presents the history behind the Flow-Viz project, the measurement principle, application examples and a live demonstration of the capabilities of the system. Click on the link below to access the YouTube video.

Discalimer: This production is for demonstration purposes only and a more professional version will be published on-line within the near future.




Flow-Viz Flyer and Technical Datasheet

Click on one of the hyperlinks below to download a flyer or the technical datasheet.