Applications (Cases)


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Examples of Industrial Applications

Optimized for opaque non-Newtonian liquids

More than 95% of all liquid flows in industrial applications exhibit complex (so called non-Newtonian) flow behaviors. These flows are especially difficult to measure. There are currently no other instruments or methods on the market able to accurately characterize the flow profile of these complex flows directly in process lines (in-line) and in real-time. The Flow-Viz system thus introduces unique measurement capabilities and the system can be used in many industrial applications.

Chocolate and fat crystallization


The Flow-Viz system offers unique capabilities for measuring both velocity profiles and rheology in-line.. This allows real-time monitoring of fast transient processes such as fat crystallization, tempering of chocolate etc.

Foods - Ketchup, dairy products, sauces etc.


The instrument delivers instantaneous velocity profiles and rheology of complex industrial fluids and suspensions with a high spatial resolution, typically 10-1000 times that of other commercial instruments. This enables new possibilities for improved process monitoring and quality control.

Paper pulp and mineral suspensions


During almost fifteen years of research, the team has improved and optimized every aspect of the method, making its capabilities and performance unique. Our novel non-invasive sensor technology provides a good penetration depth even in highly concentrated suspensions such as paper pulp and mineral suspensions. No similar solution exists on the market that is capable of measuring both velocity profiles and rheology in-line and at the same time meeting the industrial requirements.